Our sound is purely instrumental and draws its inspiration from the classic surf music of the early sixties. We mix this in with tunes from related generes such as spy,  science fiction and the themes from spaghetti western movies. 
If there were any one band that we could say is our main influence, then it would have to be The Ventures and in particular the guitar style of Nokie Edwards. He must rank as one of the greatest players of all time, right up there with Chet Atkins.  Our bass player, Phill, emailed The Ventures to say that we were big fans of their music. We weren't expecting any reply, but not only did they get back to us, they sent this signed photograph. We were knocked out by this kind gesture. They sent this at their own expense (across the pond) and signed it "To Marconi Beach Sound".  
Our lead guitarist, Jonathan, is lucky enough to work for a company that has its head office based in Redlands, California. On visits to Redlands he can sometimes catch up with a local band that plays regularly in the town centre. That band is none other than "The Tornadoes", one of the great classic surf bands. They still play some of the classic surf instrumentals as part of their set, including their huge hit Bustin' Surfboards.
Hawaiian dancers in the interval...we don't get a lot of that around our way!

Spot the Welshman rubbing shoulders with surf rock legends!
The lead guitarist Roly Sanders was playing through a Fender Vibroking. Very nice.
On one trip Jonathan mentioned to his good friends Tom and Jen that a surf band was playing at Huntington beach, Los Angeles. They said "well lets go see em" and soon he was watching The Eliminators playing live. It must be the only place where you can watch live surf music while a beach volley ball game is going on in the background.
If you're into guitar amplifiers this is about as a cool as it gets!
A dual showman with an outboard reverb unit. The classic surf setup.