Marconi Beach Sound on MySpace. Click here.
Marconi Beach Sound are pleased to support another local band, The Maddi Band...

Surf Guitar 101. The main site for all things surfy. Click here.
Surf Guitar Music. Another great site for surf bands. Click here.
South Wales Shadows Club. A fantastic club based in Penarth, South Wales. We play there regularly.  Click here.
"See Monkey Do Monkey" studio in Cardiff.  A really great recording studio in Cardiff. Click here
Raymond Humphreys, a local poet, writer and music enthusiast, has a section on his website to showcase different bands. That includes us. Click here.
John Davies, our multi-talented rhythm guitarist, is also a published author. For a link to his Amazon page: click here.
Marconi Beach Sound would also like to thank its collaborators, first off Steve Viney, a veteran of the rock guitar circuit and someone from which JB learnt a lot. Many thanks Sir! And Harry Ford, a man that makes things happen. A true gentleman and someone that started a guitar club without would not be reading this...many thanks!