Marconi Beach Sound formed in the summer of 2010. Our interest is in instrumental guitar music and in particular, surf music. Mainly the classic tunes from the early sixties that somehow seem to capture a wonderful vibe and seem as fresh today as they did all those years ago.
Its all about clean, twangy guitar, playing catchy melodies over driving rhythm. Surf guitar originates from Southern California where it complements the backdrop of sun, sea and sand. It tends to be played with a minimum of guitar effects, except of course, lots of reverb.
There are four of us in the band:
 Jonathan Barker - lead guitar
 John Davies - rhythm guitar
 Phillip Ashurst - bass guitar
 Edward Barker - drums
 The coastal area near Cardiff has a little known historical fact: it was the location of the first transmission of radio waves across water, from Lavernock point to Flat Holm island. The transmission was made by the radio pioneer Marconi, and hence the idea for the name of the band and the logo that combines radio waves with sea waves. 
Our Cd was recorded at SeeMonkeyDoMonkey studio in Cardiff by Richie. It was recorded old-style using microphones to capture the band playing live. No over-dubbing or fancy effects. If one of us made a mistake then we'd all have to start again. We learnt about 'red light fever' that day, and that recording a dozen songs in one session is a little unusual by todays standards!

All of our songs are our own versions and are not meant to be exact copies of the original songs. Thats part of the fun for us. Where the original song may have had a saxophone or vocal part, we've done our own version on lead guitar, while trying to keep the feel of the song intact.
 We're enjoying playing music that we love and we hope you enjoy it as well.